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Stevie wonder

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r_atm RT @kosukekamishin: 尊敬するStevie Wonder の Latelyを歌ってみた http://t.co/YPykFuaa

BigxMal i dont wanna be in the blind but sometimes i stevie wonder

phlyclive I was made to love her- Stevie Wonder!

TatsNkonzo -) = Stevie Wonder #TryingToFindNewFaces

JAY_aRRRRR Even Stevie Wonder has an iPhone #thatshitcray

paulmahoneygolf Wonder how long Stevie has looked at Tiger with such deep feelings of hate and bitterness?

HeyItsCamzJonas K2Trivia: Artists whom Kevin respects & admire (Get Ready With Your Paper) 1) Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban (c)

kpthebigafiga RT @JensenClan88: It's incredible how Stevie Wonder can write such vivid lyrics & be blind. Related: Amazing how Adele can make such great workout music.

KaiDaddi #NP Stevie Wonder - Gucci Mane & Future

snoddy123 Forget how good stevie wonder is, what a way to start a morning #mosttalentedblindmanintheworld

keiko9ms ラストはR&Bを踊りまくりクールダウンはStevie Wonder,いいねぇいいねぇ。間を魅せるダンサーになりたいよね

marthadinii RT @JustBiebFact: #bieberfact artis favourite justin : usher,MJ , BoysIImen, Stevie Wonder

o_OGTFO RT @_OverMyDeadBody: Even Stevie Wonder can see through the bull shit

putafyah @clairesuddath I love "hang on sloopy" :) there is a version from Stevie Wonder playing with Fania All Star, totally amazing!

_OverMyDeadBody Even Stevie Wonder can see through the bull shit


What does the song Ebony and Ivory by Stevie Wonder mean? by loveyou. Q: The song is by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. I was just wondering what does it means. THANKS!

A: Its just another one of those tree hugging, we are the world, cumbaya songs.

What did Stevie Wonder do to Positively Impact Society? by Ash Q: Okay well I'm in the 8th grade and I have to find out what Stevie Wonder did to Postively impact society. I really need to know what kind of things he did to help out the community.

A: wonder showed people that even though he was blind and a minority he overcame odds to become one of the greatest musicians of our time. by the way have you ever seen his wife? neither has he..ha!

Can someone please find me a singer the stevie wonder inspired? by k.o. 71 Q: I don't want someone that inspired stevie wonder I want to know a singer or group that was inspired by stevie wonder. And can you give the exact site you got the information from and please not wikipedia sites.

A: Glenn Lewis is an R&B singer who sounds similar to Stevie Wonder. His music though is more soul then uptempo beats. His voice has been compared to Stevie since he came out in early 2000's

What was the Stevie Wonder song called the guy in blue sung tonight on X Factor? by Erin Q: The 20 year old guy sang, at the end of his auditioning he laid down and cried.. Which Stevie Wonder song did he sing? That guy has lots of talent.

A: I Wish....Awesome!

How old was Stevie Wonder when he learned his first learned instrument? by MeGaMoUtH1618 Q: I am writing a research paper on Stevie Wonder and i need to know ASAP please. (:

A: Playing the harmonica at five, he started piano lessons at six and took up the drums at eight. http://www.history-of-rock.com/stevie_wonder.htm

How do you think Stevie Wonder feels about becoming an overused hip hop punchline? by l Q: Seems every rapper has said something about Stevie Wonder and not being able to see.

A: He probably saw it coming... too corny?

Stevie WOnder? by Kev Q: Stevie Wonder is really a wonderful person and a great musician. We love his music . but unfortunately we dunno much about him. So, can someone tell us how old he is and also somethin' about his life! This would be great! We are looking for Stevie-Fans from all over the world! So, if you want to write to 2 German girls then write to: [email protected] Of course, it would be WONDERful if Stevie himself could write to us. But, we guess, this is only a dream....

A: http://www.steviewonder.net/ I wouldn't wait for him to write, though...

Stevie Wonder? by Maggie Q: Anyone have any interesting facts about Stevie Wonder?

A: In 1973, Stevie became the first African American to win the grammy award for album of the year his birth name is Steveland Hardaway Judkins In addition to being blind, Stevie has also lost his sense of smell due to being in a car crash in 1973. His daughter, Aisha Morris, is a singer, and was the baby heard on his hit single "Isn't She Lovely." kisses ♥

Stevie wonder.....................? by Mia28 Q: My band was thinking of doing a stevie wonder song next in music class, but we're not decided on which one to do. which of these do you think would be best? : Superstition I Wish Living for the city Higher ground Another star

A: superstition!

stevie wonder? by extrapointclub Q: I heard a Stevie Wonder song done in acappella, I believe it was "For your Love". Does any one know of any Stevie Wonder acappella songs?

A: "Tomorrow Robins Will Sing", "Fun Day", "My Eyes Don't Cry", have all been sung by Stevie a capella, as well as a version of "For Your Love'. He also did an a capella version of "Stay Gold" at his son's high school graduation in 2001. He'd written the song based on Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" for the awesome movie "The Outsiders" in 1983. Hope these help.

Stevie Wonder ~ Superstition Stevie Wonder - Superstition live on Sesame Street Stevie Wonder - As Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You Michael Jackson Memorial Service Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lover stevie wonder 'superstition' Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder - Living for the City Stevie Wonder Drum Solo Stevie Wonder - For Once in my Life Stevie Wonder- Sunny Grover and Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street, 1973 Stevie Wonder on The Talk Box Ebony and Ivory - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You (Live in London, 1995) Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Everything's Alright) Live (1965) Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed Stevie Wonder - You & I Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles living for the city Stevie Wonder, Sesame Street. 1972. Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground (Live) Stevie Wonder - Sunny Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely (Live in Japan, 1990) stevie wonder 'cherie amour' Stevie Wonder - Sixteen Tons Stevie Wonder - As 2008 Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder - For Once in my life live Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.wmv Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Live) Sesame Street: Stevie Wonder with Grover Stevie Wonder - I Wish PaRT TiMe LoVeR-STeViE WoNDeR(FuLL) Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder - Light My Fire Stevie Wonder - I Believe (When I Fall In Love) Stevie Wonder - We Can Work It Out Stevie Wonder - Do I Do Stevie Wonder Performs at the Democratic National Convention STEVIE WONDER - REDEMPTION SONG Stevie Wonder - I'm Gonna Make you Love Me (with Diana Ross) Justin singing Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder - Final Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour (Live At Last 2008 London) Stevie Wonder
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